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Investment Approach

The Sycamore Mid Cap Value strategy employs a bottom-up, classic value investment process to build a diversified portfolio of mid cap companies that we believe are undervalued and offer above-average total return potential. The team utilizes elements of both deep and relative value in order to exploit the inefficiencies inherent in the mid cap asset class as well as the short-term nature of many market participants

Philosophy & Process

In building portfolios, we identify companies that we believe possess the following attributes - better businesses with above-average financial strength, an exploitable valuation disparity between the current market value for the shares versus our estimation of fair value, and the prospect for improving fundamentals. We believe that companies with the combination of these attributes offer the greatest upside potential provide the clearest path to excess return over the cycle. A bottom-up, value approach to investing in better businesses offers the clearest path to excess return. 

Management Team

Gary Miller
Gary Miller

Chief Investment Officer – Sycamore Capital

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