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Victory Money Market Fund
  • Low risk; can be used as an emergency fund. 
  • Money is accessible by check or online transfer. 
  • The potential for steady income from high-quality U.S. securities. 

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(As of )

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The fund's investment objective is the highest income consistent with preservation of capital and the maintenance of liquidity. The fund invests in high-quality, U.S. dollar-denominated, short-term debt securities of domestic and foreign issuers that have been determined to present minimal credit risk and comply with strict Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidelines applicable to money market funds. The fund restricts its investments to instruments that meet certain maturity and quality requirements under the federal securities laws applicable to money market funds. Generally, such investments will be limited to a security with a remaining maturity of 397 calendar days or less that is determined to present minimal credit risk; issued by a money market fund; or issued or guaranteed by the U.S. government or any agency or instrumentality thereof. 

Management Team

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